1972 is a sun-soaked afternoon, Pepsi-Cola in hand, with Neil Young’s ‘Heart of Gold’ playing on the radio… or maybe it’s Lou Reed. Either way, it feels like a dream. Faded shirts, tight fits, flared pants... Rock and Roll posters on the wall. Hi-fi with the curly-corded headphones. Wood trim wagons and Dad smoking in the car on the way to the lake.

This is the feeling that is behind every Blue Moon design. From a little, lantern-lit cabin on the Redstone River, we want to celebrate the history, past and present, of Haliburton County and all of it’s magic. Let the dream of 1972 live almost 50 years later, in your home or cottage, with art and apparel products that elicit that hazy, happy feeling.

We’re just starting our journey through the woods.
About Blue Moon
Howdy, I'm Shawn! I created Blue Moon in a green cabin on the Redstone River during the spring and summer of 2021. Being able to mix an aesthetic style that I love with a celebration of everything Haliburton has been a fun journey so far. I get a lot of joy making these products and I hope that they bring you some too. Thanks for checking out Blue Moon! You can contact me on Instagram, Facebook, or by emailing hello@bluemoongiftshop.ca.

Have a good day :)